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Friday, October 31, 2008

Great Gifts that Can Save Lives

I am a firm believer in the potential for genetic research to solve most health problems. In fact, today there are at least 70 diseases that can be treated effectively with the advanced Cryo-Cell technology. And the good news is that in the near future, that is, within your lifetime, and certainly within the next ten to twenty years, that number will grow to the thousands. So that there will be literally no disease that cannot be treated with the newest genetic technology. But in order for the genetic promise to become a rality, you need access to cells which come from your family. The best cells to use (and to store in frozen state for later use) are the stem cells from cord blood. So, if you know anyone who is expecting a baby, and if you are wondering what to get as a gift, you may wish to consider a gift certificate in the minimum amount of $50 and up. These Gift Certificate presents can allow someone to pay their Cryo-Cell bill, which can total in the hundreds and thousands of dollars over the years as the storage costs accumulate. Though this technology is not inexpensive, the benefits far outweigh the costs because of the life-saving potential of the treatments that can be obtained using Current Offers from Cryo-Cell. In other words, you may be alerting the recipient to a beautiful new life that awaits them if anyone contracts a deadly disease and if that disease is one of the 70 that can currently be treated. As mentioned, this technology is the breakthrough that SF writers have been talking about for years. The future is here. It's time to share the good news.

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