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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hunter S. Thompson's Health

The reason for Hunter S. Thompson's putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger, killing himself instantly in 2005 is unknown. He said, in his suicide note to his wife, which he gave her four days before the event, that he didn't want to live past the age of 50. But what exactly prompted his violent demise? What motivated him? Why did he plan it so methodically? Today I picked up a copy of the new biography of Thompson: Outlaw Journalist: The Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson by William McKeen. I am looking forward to reading it! I opened it in the bookstore (Strand Books in New York City) and happened to come across a line where McKeen mentions that he thought maybe Hunter had a terminal illness. Or, forgive me, maybe that was McKeen's comment in a recent radio show or podcast that he appeared in. Anyway, will report on the book more in a later post. I simply wanted to mention that being in good health is one reason that people do not kill themselves, and that's one more reason to keep you health in top form. (Photo: HST and wife.)


Schumey said...

I Liked the man, his advocacy, his genuineness, his pricinples. I'm sure you would love the book. Perhaps he felt that he has done enough to inspire those who were afraid to fight or express their anger. Activists like me lived by his words. May he find the peace he so passionately sought.

Robin said...

This is a shame he felt that away. Yep, a healthy mind can go a long ways in life. My godfather did the same thing, just down the road from my house. He did it in his parents front yard. So he wanted to be found and he left notes for his family. I think his wife didn't love him anymore. I still think it is a sin to kill yourself though.