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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Clean Hands

Doctors learn something in medical school about health that the general public never fully understands; namely, the importance of washing your hands frequently. The physician learns that bacteria adheres to surfaces and that bacteria can live for up to eight days on a doorknob. The fact that someone has a bacterial infection, such as a cold, or a viral infection, such as a flu, means that they can transfer their bacteria to you even if you don't touch them. Doctors also learn that cleaning the hands is the surest way to prevent yourself from becoming infected by bacterial and viral agents. In order to wash thoroughly, open the faucet and let the water run over your hands, scrubbing them with soap; then rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean towel or a hot air dryer.

Tea Steeping Times

Most people do not realize that green tea should only be steeped for 1 to 2 minutes. Steeped means the time the teabag is in the hot water. Also it is a mistake to pour boiling water on the teabag. This scalds the tea and ruins some of the phytochemicals. Instead, pour the boiling water into an empty cup and let it sit for a minute before adding the tea bag(s). Some people use two teabags per cup for a stronger brew. White tea should be steeped from 2 to 15 minutes.

Tea contains Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in a greater concentration than any other food. EGCG is a catechin, an antioxidant plant compound. Twenty-five percent of the dry weight of tea is composed of catechins. The most healthful teas are the green and white because they are the least processed. Black tea is the most heavily processed. White tea, on the other hand, is the least processed and reportedly contains more anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties than even green tea. It also contains higher EGCG levels because it is less thoroughly processed.

  1. Wikipedia article on white tea.
  2. Planet Tea.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Gift of Giving

They say this better to give than to receive. This is why I always like to give the gift of flower and wholesome snacks, including bread gifts, protein bar gifts, and especially gift baskets. Everyone loves them. In fact, I am giving two or three this Christmas, and I will be giving more out in the New Year. Giving is so much fun, I might just give one to myself.


Malunggay is one of the most popular green leafy vegetables in the Philippines. In fact, my mother planted malunggay in our backyard. We use the leaves in chicken soup, fish soup, or we just mix it in other vegetable soups. Malunggay is very nutritious food. It also cures asthma, gout, back pain, rheumatism, wounds and sores.
Here is the Nutrition and Benefits:

  • Flowers, leaves and pods eaten as a vegetable.
  • Source of calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins A, B and C.
  • High in HDL (high density lipoproteins); a source of amino acids, omega oils, antioxidants.
  • Comparative content: Gram for gram, 7 times the vitamin C of oranges, 4 times the calcium and twice the protein in milk, 4 times the vitamin A in carrots, 3 times the potassium in bananas.
  • 100 gms or 1 cup of cooked malunggay leaves contain 3.1 g protein, 0.6 g fiber, 96 mg calcium, 29 mg phosphorus, 1.7 mg iron, 2,820 mg beta-carotene, 0.07 mg thiamin, 0.14a mg riboflavin, 1.1 mg niacin, and 53 mg of vitamin C.
  1. Dr. Lydia Marero of the Food and Drug Research Institute -FNRI

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Oxford University press has recently published The Cancer Prevention Manual: Simple Rules To Reduce the Risks by Fred Stephens, M.D.. The book contains, in part four, some rather cursory discussions of how to avoid specific forms of cancer. The recommendation to avoid fatty foods, however, goes contrary to the Atkins diet and to the wisdom to be found in the copiously footnoted Good Calories, Bad Calories. While it is always interesting to read books such as this to find out specific recommendations, this subject deserves much more comprehensive treatment, detailed footnotes citing sources, and more discussion of the epidemiological and clinical studies that undergird the recommendations. That being said, Dr. Stephens does a good job of putting the subject into clear English that even a grammar school child could comprehend.

The Metal Fabrication

There are many uses for aluminum, and especially for perforated aluminum sheet. First, and foremost, are the custom uses where a client specifies exactly the type of perforated sheet they need. Then there are the specialized uses, such as drains and fences. Finally there are industrial uses, where clients purchase in bulk. Whatever the need, there is an aluminum product to meet that need. The producers of this kind of aluminum have years of experience. The reason they are experts in aluminum is because they studied the methods of production, sourcing, and distribution and then put their plan into effect. You can rest assured that the aluminum specialists who you contact will make sure they get the job done right the first time. The products they offer include every conceivable shape and size of perforated aluminum imaginable. You can ask for a list of clients and for a tour of their facility. They will be happy to look at your job and tell you whether they can complete it on time. The folks at this site will make sure it is done on time and to specifications. They take pride in their work and they want you to be happy with the results.

Monday, November 24, 2008


The active ingredient in tea is Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). It has many health benefits, including reducing cancer, protecting the skin against harmful UV radiation, fighting arthritis, and more. The fact is that all types of tea come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. What makes them different is the way the tea is processed. If you go to this Web site:

and click on the link for"tea processing flowchart" you'll see that tea is processed from very little (white) to very much (black). The four types of tea are as follows, with the least processes listed first:
  1. White tea
  2. Green tea
  3. Oolong tea
  4. Black tea
I like all types of tea but I am under the impression that the least processed teas (white and green) provide a higher level of EGCG and are, as a result, healthier.

OPEN Sports

This is a health blog that talks about supplements, diet, and exercise. But what we don't talk about often enough is the concept of online sporting events. OPEN Sports has partnered with basketball great Dennis Rodman to help draw attention to the whole concept of online sports. Check out the press release at and voice your thoughts on the partnership in the comments section of this post. Isn't he a well-spoken guy! Really makes you proud of athletes. They have been given a bad rap. They are usually very quick witted and their brains are working faster than most people think. In reality the whole process of playing sports, training with weights and aerobics, and getting psyched up helps the mind. The online sports fantasy can do something similar if used in conjunction with training. Which is why I have no hesitation recommending this site to any of my readers. Dennis Rodman trained for years to become a terrific athlete. He watched what he ate, got plenty of sleep, and exercised in the gym and on the court. That is what makes a great athlete, and that is why his association with this company is so intriguing. I like to watch this video for the way he talks and the relaxed manner of his presentation.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pregnenolone and Hans Selye

Hans Selye was an endocrinologist and the world's foremost stress researcher. One of the most interesting things he studied was pregnenolone. This natural hormone has a number of beneficial effects. Chief among them is its ability to boost mood and mental agility. The hormone has not been studied as extensively as pharmaceuticals, but it is known that it regenerates brain nerve cells. (Photo: Hans Selye)

  • Preventing and Reversing Arthritis Naturally. p. 153. By Raquel Martin, Karen J. Romano, Joel R. Robbins.,M1 Accessed 11/20/2008.
  • Ultrastructural analysis of guided nerve regeneration using progesterone- and pregnenolone-loaded chitosan prostheses. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research,
    Volume 74B Issue 1, Pages 589 - 600. Published Online: 25 Mar 2005. Accessed 11/21/08.
  • Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    Hair Removal in Chicago

    Dr. Eugene Mandrea and Dr. Steven Mandrea is the expert of Laser Hair Removal in Chicago. They are specializing in laser acne treatment, hair removal treatment, Restylane treatment and other skin care treatments. They also provide treatments to many skin conditions as well as cosmetic, medical and surgical treatments. So if you suffer any of this, maybe you might consider to visit their site for the complete information.


    Peanuts are the good source of protein. And it is a great food for the children and also for the vegetarian people. But besides protein, peanuts also has a fiber, vitamin E, vitamin B, minerals, and more. According to the researchers, peanuts is a brain food. Well, I love peanuts. In fact, I am eating it right now while I'm typing. I bought three jars of peanuts yesterday. I'll be eating this like there's no tomorrow.

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    Ingredient list

    Ephedrasil hardcore contains the following ingredients: chromuim polynicotinate, vitamin B-12, caffeine anhydrous (as much as in 2 cups coffee or 6 cups green tea), synephrine, vinpocetine, chocamine, St Johns Wort, Rhodilea rosea, Magnolia bark, dandelion root, L-Tyrosine, ginger, green tea, glucurnolactone. 5-HTP, phenylalanine, valerian root, passion flower, and resveratrol. This health blog attempts to give you good information which you can use in evaluating products. The list of ingredients was taken from the manufacturer's Web site.


    Many people take their shirts for granted and think they have no influence on health. But contrary to popular belief, your shirts can have a major impact on your physical health. The philosopher Nietzsche pointed out in Ecce Homo that location, climate, nutrition, and leisure activity were all important for the mind and body, more so than most people realize. But along with this, I add the notion that your shirt is equally important. If you wear an improper shirt it can ruin your whole day. It can throw you into another mental zone and ultimately affect your health, your physical health. No one should simply wear a t-shirt in the Arctic, for example. And in Florida in the summer it would be inappropriate to wear a long-sleeved flannel shirt with a fur hood. These examples are extremes, I know. But the concept of the right shirt deserves much more attention. I intend to write more about this in the future in this blog.

    Sunday, November 16, 2008


    We ordered pizza today for our dinner. We really got impressed by the restaurant because they delivered fast. It took less than 30 minutes. I think we're going to use them again next time. The pizza tastes wonderful too. I give them thumbs up. But I'm not a big fan of pizza; just only my hubby: he is crazy about it. In fact, he can finish the whole large pizza. Sometimes, he tries to resist it because of his diet. He doesn't want to be fat. Well, I guess that there are some diet pills out there that might help to lose weight temporarily. But the best approach is always reducing carbs, à la Atkins.

    How Much Tea Should You Drink

    The question arises as to how much tea one should drink to realize health benefits? Each cup contains 29 mg of the antioxidant EGCG (epigallocatechin-3- gallate) . EGCG has been demonstrated to have multiple health benefits including:
    1. Reducing breast cancer (Note 1.)
    2. Fighting rheumatoid arthritis (Note 2.)
    3. Diabetes (Note 3.)

    1. Green Tea Ingredient, EGCG, Significantly Inhibits Breast Cancer Growth In Female Mice
      ScienceDaily (Apr. 8, 2008). Available online at: (Accessed Nov. 16, 2008.)
    2. Green Tea Compound, EGCG, May Be A Therapy For People With Rheumatoid Arthritis
      ScienceDaily (Apr. 30, 2007)
    3. Epigallocatechin gallate supplementation alleviates diabetes in rodents. J Nutr. 2006 Oct;136(10):2512-8. DSM Nutritional Products Ltd, Department of Human Nutrition and Health, CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland.

    Sears Layaway!

    Sears Layaway is an advance method of purchasing gifts and items for personal use. It is based on the idea that sometimes you don't have all the money you need to make a purchase. This is something the federal government knows all about and it is the number one reason for our huge national debt. In fact, you can buy things that you could not afford to buy by using this plan. If I were the kind of person who gave gifts at the drop of a hat, I would give a kitchen table, a glove, and a wrench. The table, of course, is a staple of any good kitchen, but many people have inferior tables. In fact, we had an old table until a few weeks ago when a dear friend of ours contributed a new kitchen table to our storehouse of goods. We now dine in fashion and are the envy of our friends and neighbors. The table is walnut and very sturdy. I would choose the glove because many people have a pair of gloves, but few have a single glove. When a person looses a glove they often throw the glove away because it doesn't match anything. But my thinking is that I would like a few of my friends, who are singers, to do a Michael Jackson imitation. Some of them are very talented, and giving the glove would be a real compliment to them. And the wrench is another item that I would give because it is a manly item and a sign of strength and goodwill. So, please try to check out the LayAway at Sears today! It's a perfect store to shop this holiday. Plus, you can pay it later. How do you like that? Hurry, grab this opportunity now by checking Sears Layaway program.


    Friday, November 14, 2008

    Types of Tea

    While traveling over the past two days I was forced to buy tea in various airports in Chicago and Syracuse. I was very disappointed that most of the tea available was flavored with what was called "natural flavor." In actuality "natural flavor" is a code word for MSG. The addition of MSG serves two purposes: it makes the tea taste good and it causes addictive behavior, causing customers to feel the need for that particular brand of tea. The fact that you have to search for plain tea is a sad comment on our manipulative economy. Oh, for the fourteenth century again! When tea was tea and corn was corn and pigs were pigs . . .

    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    Mr. Bluelight!

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    When shopping, nothing is more important today than being able to span the globe and spend wisely. The vast range of products available worldwide is enough to inspire even the most uninspired shopper. And with Kmart Layaway you can afford even the most outrageous items, paying by the month in installments. In fact, Kmart is the only national discount chain to offer layaway. The range of items that can be purchased over the layaway plan is extensive, including bicycles, refrigerators, and television sets. And now if you act early and start soon, you could conceivably do all your Christmas shopping using the layaway plan. Then you go in every two weeks to the store and make your payments until you have paid the fee, the down payment and all the other payments: The item is then yours to take home. The store has recently created a media blitz with the Mr. Bluelight holiday character. This blue bulb character is similar to a cartoon and is reminiscent of Donald Duck and Fred Flintstone. It remains to be seen what the year will bring in terms of sales, but certainly with the layaway plan more people could be shopping for the gifts they want. Try Kmart Layaway today.


    The weather is an important part of how you feel, how you think and even how you philosophize. Nietzsche believed that climate is relevant for our thought processes, and in Ecce Homo he makes the point that weather and climate are vital forces that we must consider when deciding where we want to live. For example, some people cannot do their best work in hot climates, others cannot work in the cold. Ian Fleming found that the weather in Jamaica was perfect for stimulating his creative imagination, and that's where he wrote all the Bond novels.

    Collission Repair Experts

    Everyone is interested in finding experts in the field of collision repair. Without a doubt you would be in the same position had you experienced a collision. There are over 400,000 collisions in the United States every year. The best auto body shops are expert collision repairers. Don't let just anyone work on your car. Chuck Berry wouldn't! Select only the best and trusted names in the auto field. Visit collision repair experts today. You will be glad you did, and so will your car.

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    EGCG and Tea

    Green tea has been studied and the major component is Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG has been demonstrated to stunt the growth of cancer cells. Researchers at the department of chemistry, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in Piscataway then wanted to determine whether the EGCG also retarded the growth of normal cells, or whether it exterted its effects on cancer cells alone. They devised an experiment that revealed some of the miraculous properties of EGCG: They found that it stunted cancer cells from colorectal cancer cell lines and breast cancer cell lines, but not normal cells. Therefore it is safe for normal cells but deleterious for cancer. This is indeed a marvelous finding about the health effects of green tea.

    1. "Green tea epigallocatechin gallate shows a pronounced growth inhibitory effect on cancerous cells but not on their normal counterparts." Zong Ping Chen; Schell J. B. ; Ho C.-t.; Kuang Yu Chen. Cancer letters. 1998 Jul 17; vol. 129 (no.2); pp.173-179. (Accessed Nov. 9, 2008.)

    Monday, November 10, 2008

    Veterans Day Sale from Sears

    There are three sales we don't look forward to. That is Christmas, New Year's and Memorial Day. But we do look forward to Veterans Day. The Sears Veterans Day Sale is here. It runs Nov. 9th to 11th. Every year this sale is popular. Many people look forward to it. We look forward to it. Our family enjoys the sale. We shop on Veterans Day. Our family and friends talk about the sale. We share ideas with each other, and we discuss what we will buy. Some of us like to buy clothes. Some of us like to buy hats. Some of us like to buy automotive parts. Some of us even like to buy expensive items. Sales are fun. Our family enjoys the sales. We enjoy talking about the sales before they happen. You can shop on this day too. You and your family might enjoy it. You and your family might not like Christmas or Memorial Day or New Year's. But you will probably like this sale. You can save 60% off all outerwear and sweaters for him and for her. The item pictured is a favorite because of the color and style. You can find hundreds of items like this on the sale site. You and your family can enjoy shopping of this Sears Veterans Day Sale.
    Click Here

    Saturday, November 8, 2008


    I had a very unusual experience yesterday.

    It was three o'clock and I was on a bus coming home from New York City, and I happened to have a box of my husband's vitamins with me. I had picked it up at his uncle's house. His uncle Jerry is a terrific chemist who sometimes gets vitamins for us. Anyway, I was feeling sleepy, so I thought I'd take one of the vitamin pills to keep myself awake. Within five or ten minutes I started to feel brighter than I had felt all week. In fact I felt better than when I come off the treadmill at the gym. I wondered how vitamins could do so much for me. Then I looked down and saw that I had opened the wrong bottle, and instead of taking a multivitamin I had taken a pill called Suntheanine. Turns out Suntheanine is a form of L-Theanine, a concentrated amino acid derived from tea.

    "Don't you know that theanine increases brain dopamine?" said my husband. "It makes you feel good because it alters brain chemistry for the better. That's one reason people like drinking tea. Well, this stuff is more concentrated and that's why it had the effect it does. That explains why you perked up."

    I have to tell a few of my friends about theanine. I know some people this could help. And the best thing is that it's cheap as dirt and all natural. So you don't have to worry that you're taking a drug. I like everything natural.

    "Where's my cauliflower?" my husband is saying, even as I write this. I'll tell you why he's so concerned about that next time.

    Wednesday, November 5, 2008

    Employee Management Software Download

    There are three software programs that we recommend: HR, TimeKron and SoftTime. You can download them at They allow employers to manage their employee time and performance records easily and professionally. You can download a demo and try them. No employer should be without a professional approach to these critical employee management components. The fact that these aspects of business can now be automated is good news. See what all the excitement is about. Try them today for yourself. You'll be amazed at the strides that software has made in this field. You'll be glad and so will your employees and managers.

    Warning: 7,8-Benzoflavone Is Carcinogenic

    There is a compound used by bodybuilders that acts as a powerful aromatase inhibitor, reducing estrogen and allowing users to be less estrogen dominant. The substance, however, has been demonstrated to be carcinogenic. The substance is 7,8-Benzoflavone. The following line of reasoning demonstrates that 7,8-Benzoflavone may be carcinogenic in humans.

    1. Benzo[a]pyrene is "highly carcinogenic." Benzo[a]pyrene is found in cigarette smoke, car exhaust fumes, "marijuana smoke, incense smoke, wood smoke, and in charbroiled food." It is even in burnt toast.1
    2. "A vast number of studies over the previous three decades have documented links between benzo[a]pyrene and cancers."1
    3. 7,8-Benzoflavone has been demonstrated in rat studies to "stimulate . . . benzo(a)pyrene tumorigenesis." In some cases 7,8-Benzoflavone reduces cancer, but in others (such as when it is applied topically with benzo(a)pyrene) it increases cancer.2
    Although 7,8-Benzoflavone is an aromatase inhibitor, preventing the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, and in some cases preventing cancer,3-5 the fact that 7,8-Benzoflavone has a double nature and is, in other cases, carcinogenic6-9 (such as when it is combined with benzo[a]pyrene), should make us think twice before using it in humans.

    2. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. Vol. 69, No. 4, pp. 824-828, April 1972. Aryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase- and Polycyclic Hydrocarbon Tumorigenesis: Effect of the Enzyme Inhibitor 7,8-Benzoflavone on Tumorigenesis and Macromolecule Binding. (benzo(a)pyrene/7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene/DNA, RNA, and protein binding/mouse skin). Nadao Kinoshita and Harry V. Gelboin. Available online at: (Accessed Nov. 5, 2008.)
    3. Progress in Medicinal Chemistry. By G. P. Ellis, Geoffrey Buckle West. P. 59. Published by Elsevier, 1988.,8-Benzoflavone+aromatase+inhibiter&source=web&ots=5X-a4VHRlF&sig=08nlIPUT-Zp5UP7Yu-6v-uLzmxk&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=2&ct=result (Accessed Nov. 5, 2008.)
    4. Action of 7,8-benzoflavone on incidence of skin tumors induced by polycyclic hydrocarbons. Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine. NY: Springer. Issue Volume 87, Number 5 / May, 1979. DOI 10.1007/BF00806687. Pp. 474-475. December 13, 2004. Online at: (Accessed Nov. 6, 2008.)
    5. Effects of ellipticine, flavone, and 7,8-benzoflavone upon 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene, 7,14-dimethyldibenzo[a,h]anthracene and dibenzo[a,h]anthracene initiated skin tumors in mice. Alworth WL, Slaga TJ. Carcinogenesis. 1985 Apr.6(4):487-493. (Accessed Nov. 6, 2008.)
    6. Role of Metabolic Activation in the Carcinogenicity of Estrogens: Studies in an Animal Liver Tumor Model. Manfred Metzler, Günter Blaich, and Angelika M. Tritscher. Environmental Health Perspectives. August. Vol. 88, pp. 117-121, 1990. (Accessed Nov. 6, 2008.)
    7. The author of a review states that "7,8-benzoflavone actually appears to enhance tumor formation by benzo(a)pyrene . . . indicating the complex interaction of effects of benzoflavones upon various cutaneous polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon metabolizing enzymes." [Emphasis supplied.] Dermal Absorption and Toxicity Assessment. By Michael S. Roberts, Kenneth A. Walters. Informa Health Care, 1998, p. 76. Online at:,8-benzoflavone+humans&source=web&ots=-fiDMv8wED&sig=LlMOM4qvgk1UoclQ81wt1QnKZzE (Accessed Nov. 7, 2008.)
    8. 7,8-Benzoflavone stimulates the metabolic activation of aflatoxin B1 to mutagens by human liver. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1978 May 15;82(1):348-55. Buening MK, Fortner JG, Kappas A, Corney AH. Available online at: (Accessed Nov. 7, 2008.)
    9. Yet another study comes to a rather frightening conclusion for those who have been using 7,8-Benzoflavone, indicating that “the addition of . . . 7, 8-benzoflavone to human liver microsomes caused a many-fold stimulation in the hydroxylation of benzo(a)pyrene, the metabolism of aflatoxin B1 to 2,3-dihydro-2,3-dihydroxyaflatoxin B1, and the metabolic activation of aflatoxin B1 to mutagenic products.” [Emphasis supplied.] “Activation and Inhibition of Benzo(a)pyrene and Aflatoxin B1 Metabolism in Human Liver Microsomes by Naturally Occurring Flavonoids.” Mildred K. Buening, Richard L. Chang, Mou-Tuan Huang, Joseph G. Fortner, Alexander W. Wood, and Allan H. Conney. Cancer Research 41, 67-72, January 1981. Available online at (Accessed Nov. 7, 2008.)

    Monday, November 3, 2008

    Secret of Good Thinking Is Leisure Activity

    Nietzsche, the great German existentialist, pointed out, in his autobiographical Ecce Homo, that nutrition is a key to good thinking! Nutrition! The food we eat, the drinks we drink! That is the key to brilliance. That, and one other thing: Disney cruises. Yes, the great philosopher believed that taking a cruise, or engaging in other leisure activity, was a key to successful thinking.


    Oh, to be young and have no cares. Oh, to go out at night and engage in silly activity. Oh, what a world it would be if that was the world we lived in, day in and day out! That would indeed be a world without cares and worries. The fact is that if we lived like that we might engage in activities like unrestrained kissing that could lead to a hickey, or a black and blue mark on the skin that is known as a love bite or hickey mark. Many people feel that they want to cover their hickeys. They want to get rid of them. But the fact is that a hickey cannot be erased, except with makeup or a band-aid. Physicians have told me that hickeys must heal by themselves. Maybe taking extra vitamin C might help, but probably not noticeably. Just give it time and in a few days you'll be ready for another hickey -- in that same spot!

    Hats and Clothes

    Woody Allen has a distinctive hat. Hunter S. Thompson often wore a hat. Many famous people make their mark by wearing some recognizable and distinctive type of clothing. You, too, can be a fashion plate by wearing clothes that make you stand out from the crowd. Don't let your identity become blah and so-so hum-drum. Get out and make a splash!

    Sunday, November 2, 2008

    Red Maca

    Red maca is reportedly more beneficial than yellow maca for stabilizing certain medical conditions. This news is promising for men who wish to use maca for its health effects. The red maca also has a milder, creamy taste. The stimulant effects of maca are similar. The world's leading researcher on maca is Gloria Chacón de Popovici. She has written a book entitled Maca: The Peruvian Food Plant, With Highly Nutritional and Medicinal Properties. The book is partly translated into English (by the author); that is, pages 226-337 are in English (111 pages). This book does not appear to be available on, but I would like to read it. The book can be ordered from this Web site for about $25 USD: A species of maca was named after Dr. Chacón: Lepidium peruvianum Chacón (previously known as L. meyenii Walp.). It is a great honor to have a species named after you! (Dr. Gloria Chacón de Popovici [third from left] with her husband and two secretaries.)