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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mr. Bluelight!

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When shopping, nothing is more important today than being able to span the globe and spend wisely. The vast range of products available worldwide is enough to inspire even the most uninspired shopper. And with Kmart Layaway you can afford even the most outrageous items, paying by the month in installments. In fact, Kmart is the only national discount chain to offer layaway. The range of items that can be purchased over the layaway plan is extensive, including bicycles, refrigerators, and television sets. And now if you act early and start soon, you could conceivably do all your Christmas shopping using the layaway plan. Then you go in every two weeks to the store and make your payments until you have paid the fee, the down payment and all the other payments: The item is then yours to take home. The store has recently created a media blitz with the Mr. Bluelight holiday character. This blue bulb character is similar to a cartoon and is reminiscent of Donald Duck and Fred Flintstone. It remains to be seen what the year will bring in terms of sales, but certainly with the layaway plan more people could be shopping for the gifts they want. Try Kmart Layaway today.

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