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Monday, November 24, 2008

OPEN Sports

This is a health blog that talks about supplements, diet, and exercise. But what we don't talk about often enough is the concept of online sporting events. OPEN Sports has partnered with basketball great Dennis Rodman to help draw attention to the whole concept of online sports. Check out the press release at and voice your thoughts on the partnership in the comments section of this post. Isn't he a well-spoken guy! Really makes you proud of athletes. They have been given a bad rap. They are usually very quick witted and their brains are working faster than most people think. In reality the whole process of playing sports, training with weights and aerobics, and getting psyched up helps the mind. The online sports fantasy can do something similar if used in conjunction with training. Which is why I have no hesitation recommending this site to any of my readers. Dennis Rodman trained for years to become a terrific athlete. He watched what he ate, got plenty of sleep, and exercised in the gym and on the court. That is what makes a great athlete, and that is why his association with this company is so intriguing. I like to watch this video for the way he talks and the relaxed manner of his presentation.


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