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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sears Layaway!

Sears Layaway is an advance method of purchasing gifts and items for personal use. It is based on the idea that sometimes you don't have all the money you need to make a purchase. This is something the federal government knows all about and it is the number one reason for our huge national debt. In fact, you can buy things that you could not afford to buy by using this plan. If I were the kind of person who gave gifts at the drop of a hat, I would give a kitchen table, a glove, and a wrench. The table, of course, is a staple of any good kitchen, but many people have inferior tables. In fact, we had an old table until a few weeks ago when a dear friend of ours contributed a new kitchen table to our storehouse of goods. We now dine in fashion and are the envy of our friends and neighbors. The table is walnut and very sturdy. I would choose the glove because many people have a pair of gloves, but few have a single glove. When a person looses a glove they often throw the glove away because it doesn't match anything. But my thinking is that I would like a few of my friends, who are singers, to do a Michael Jackson imitation. Some of them are very talented, and giving the glove would be a real compliment to them. And the wrench is another item that I would give because it is a manly item and a sign of strength and goodwill. So, please try to check out the LayAway at Sears today! It's a perfect store to shop this holiday. Plus, you can pay it later. How do you like that? Hurry, grab this opportunity now by checking Sears Layaway program.


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