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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wardrobe's Impact on Health

Now we're talking. I mean, what could be more exciting than stylish body stockings on girls. These items are guaranteed to rev up your hormonal system without the need for additional supplements. Sure, this is a health blog, but it seems to me that good health can be obtained, in part, by wearing a good wardrobe. And in my opinion this item meets all my requirements. It's sleek, it's stylish, and it's sexy. Need I say more?

Arachidonic Acid

Arachidonic acid is produced by eating red meat, dairy products and other foods. The Western diet has too much arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid (AA) produces 5-LOX and COX1 and COX2. 5-LOX produces 5-HETE and other dangerous metabolites which cause prostate cancer. COX1 and 2 cause heart attack, stroke, and inflammation. AA can be reduced with fish oil, curcumin, green tea and polyphenols such as resveratrol. But probably the best way to reduce it is with a boswellia extract, acetyl-11-keto-beta boswellic acid (AKBA), also known as 5-LOXIN. Dr. Faloon writes: "Based on the cumulative knowledge that 5-LOX can promote the invasion and metastasis of prostate cancer cells, it would appear advantageous to take aggressive steps to suppress this lethal enzyme." (Note 1.) (Photo: boswellia plant.)

  1. "Eating Your Way to Prostate Cancer." By William Faloon. LE Magazine February 2007. (Accessed 12/28/2008.)

Digitial Photo Frames

You've seen science fiction movies in which the house is run by robotic features built into the walls, the oven, even the refrigerator. Well, the future is here. The all-new Digital Photo Frame lets you feel like you're living in the far future where your appliances and common household objects are intelligent, sense your mood and your needs, and respond appropriately to fulfill your every wish. That, to me, is the chief delight with the CEIVA digital photo frame. Sure, it looks like an ordinary photo frame and it weighs as much as an ordinary photo frame, but it certainly acts and functions like a sophisticated and futuristic robotic device. First of all, it can receive photos from your friends and relatives. And it does this, most amazingly, without any input needed from you. Second, when you wake up in the morning, you will see these new photos displayed on the screen in a nice slide show. It's like receiving a gift in the mail. But better than that . . . this gift comes in through wireless technology and floats into the digital photo frame unseen. The photos then generate their own slide show and you are entertained and amazed by the entire procedure. The future is truly here with this product, which features a HD screen and wireless technology. No computer connection required! So, get yours today.

Global Marijuana March NYC 2007

This video starts with Dana Beal speaking about ibogaine and the drug policy in the United States, followed by Dimitri with an impassioned speech on the failed drug war and the use of ibogaine in New York City, and other speakers. Wish I had been there to hear them in person. By the way, there is a major ibogaine conference at Northeastern University Feb 14 - 16, 2009.

Health Blog 2008 - 2009

This health blog is focused on getting people healthy and finding supplements that work. One thing you must have is home security. Beyond that, we focus on the need for exercise and tea. One of the most important discoveries we made in the past year (2008) was the value of a low carb diet because of how it impacts insulin levels. Watch for more on these topics in the coming year.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Perspective on Colon Cancer

This stunning video by Konstantin Monastyrsky shatters the myths surrounding colon cancer and exposes the misconceptions, distortions, and profound deceit at the heart of the CAT scan and colonoscopy industries. In the same way that mammograms increase the risk of breast cancer, so do CAT scans (the so-called "virtual colonoscopy") increase the risk of colon cancer. If you are at high risk for colon cancer you owe it to yourself to watch this video. If you are an ordinary person, the information in this video could save your life. Highly recommended for all. Also highly recommended is a visit to the medical writer's Web site listed in reference number 1 below, which contains concise instructions for preventing colon cancer.

  1. "Colorectal Cancer Prevention." By Konstantin Monastyrsky. (Accessed 12/27/2008.)
  2. Mammograms 'can increase breast cancer risk'. (Accessed 12/27/2008.)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Microwave Radiation Hazards

It is well known that exposure to microwave radiation is harmful, even at low doses. This is why people are never encouraged to put their hand into a microwave oven when it is in operation. In fact there are safety devices that prevent the ovens from working if a door is opened. This is to protect your hands and face from microwave energy. The same problem, however, is associated with exposure to microwave radiation emanated from cell phones and other hand-held devices. This radiation is sometimes discussed in truck driving school because of the CB radios that drivers use.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hypnosis and Meditation

There are many people in the West who seek to meditate. They believe it can help them relax and achieve spiritual harmony. But often the Westerner finds it difficult to absorb the esoteric nature of the ritual of meditation. Moreover, meditation literature is mostly in a foreign language and must be translated from Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Sanskrit, etc. This is why I think it is particularly helpful to understand that meditation is the same thing as hypnosis, with the exception that hypnosis adds a post-hypnotic suggestion. In other words hypnosis is meditation with a post-hypnotic suggestion. This means that Westerners who like meditation can find much in the literature of hypnosis that can help them approach the subject from a decidedly Western point of view. A great deal of the literature on hypnosis was originally in English.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Greatest Gift of Your Life

Health we write about on a daily basis in this blog. We write about new advances. And we give readers insights into the technology that awaits them in the 21st century. C'Elle is one of those technologies. The company allows women of childbearing age to collect stem cells and cryogenically freeze them for use at a future time, when they may be put to work saving lives. This entails the lives of the woman herself or her blood relatives. The story is an inspiring one. It is a gift to the future. The greatest gift this writer has ever received is a pair of binoculars, which I received at the age of seven. I felt they gave me supervision. In the same way the company allows women to give a gift of foresight to their descendants and family. Their foresight can possibly cure diseases and save lives. Today the technology exists to treat about 70 or 80 diseases. That number will grow to thousands and then tens of thousands in the next few decades. I would like to conclude this post with a question to readers. What questions or comments do you have about this technology. Who in your family or friends do you think would enjoy receiving the gift of C'Elle?

Black Tea Caffeine Content

According to the Mayo Clinic, and other sources, the breakdown on various drinks (one cup, or 8 oz.) and caffeine is as follows (in mg.):
  1. Decaf black tea • 2
  2. Coffee decaf • 2
  3. Green tea • 8-36
  4. Black tea • 50
  5. Coffee (plain) • 47-68
  6. Espresso • 64
  7. Coffee, Drip, regular •106-164
  8. Starbucks Caffe Latte, 16 oz. • 150
  9. Starbucks Coffee Grande, 16 oz. • 330
  2. Mayo Clinic. (Accessed Dec 21 2008)

Laptop Bags

The last thing this health blog wants to see is people injuring themselves. The next worst thing is injuring your laptop. That's why laptop bags are so important. When you travel, you want your computer to be safe. Spire USA makes top of the line laptop bags. If I were a laptop bag, I would get thrown in the trunk of a car, then taken and slammed down on a library table. Later I would get jostled in the saddle of a riding horse. (Yes, my owner rides a horse in a riding school in New Jersey!) Then I would receive a few splats of Chinese food from the restaurant I visit every Wednesday, where we work at the table. . . . My gosh, I put that laptop bags through a lot! And that's why I'm looking to get a Spire bag this holiday season. They can handle anything. So get yours today!

Caffeine Blues

I have been drinking too much tea lately. Because I discovered the health benefits of black tea recently (see my posts in this blog) I started drinking up to two cups per day, and I usually make them with two teabags each. In addition I would have two to four cups of green and white tea (each with two teabags each). As a result I overloaded on caffeine. In fact I woke up after four days of this with a terrific hangover. But it was a caffeine hangover. If you've ever experienced one, it's like having a terrible lethargy and being dull and listless. I stopped drinking tea. I need to find some way to get the health benefits without the caffeine. If you've ever experienced caffeine withdrawal symptoms, please tell me about them in the comments.

  1. Cherniske, Stephen. Caffeine blues: wake up to the hidden dangers of America’s #1 drug. New York : Warner Books, 1998.
  2. "Coffee: How Bad is it Really?" Dr. Joseph Mercola with Rachael Droege. (Accessed Dec. 21, 2008.)

Last Minute Gifts from Kmart!

As a health blog, we are conscious of the need for relaxation, especially around the holidays. The way most Americans relax is by shopping. This holiday season you could shop for last minute gifts from Kmart. The store has 25,000 nice gifts under $25. This means that I might be able to pick up a last minute gift for my friend. I would look seriously at the Accessories Brookeville double pocket hobo handbag with back zipper. This is an ideal gift. It is cute. It is fashionable. It is smart and stylish. It is chic. It is not too expensive although it looks expensive. It is a fun item and everyone that I know would love to receive one. In fact this holiday season I might just pick up two, one for her and one for myself. Then we could shop together and have fun gadding about the mall, swinging our accessories and window shopping. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? The store also has layaway programs and allows you to pick up items and not make payments for six months. The store also carries gifts under $25 that include Craftsman tool boxes with handles, a Martha Stewart nickel candle holder, Route 66 girls' hoodies and jeans, and much more. Before you leave home this holiday season to do your holiday last minute shopping, why not save time and money by checking out what this store has to offer online. So, check the last minute gifts from Kmart today.

What Kind of Soup Are You?

You Are Minestrone

You are a spontaneous person. You don't make or follow rules. You just go with your gut.

You're eager to go wherever life takes you. If something doesn't work out, at least you've learned.

Nutrition and eating healthy is very important to you. You eat your veggies.

That being said, you're not a picky eater. You like all foods.

I like Minestrone soup. It's my favorite appetizer. I think eating soup is one of the healthiest diets that I would consider. I know that it has a lot of benefits and it's also a comfort food, especially this winter season. My favorite soup is onion soup, followed by tomato and then chicken. What's your favorite?

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Now and then an invention comes along that sweeps a nation . . . and the world. Such an invention was the cell phone, the computer, and now ipods. The fact that everyone is wearing ipod headphones on the subway these days -- or nearly everyone -- is a strong indication that fads spread quickly and that humans are imitators. In fact, sometimes it becomes difficult to resist the tide of opinion and think outside the box. When everyone adopts a technology it is often the result of a meme, or an idea that spreads like a virus.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Maca and Diabetes

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is apparently helpful in treating diabetes, according to a new study. Researchers found that maca decreased levels of very low density lipoprotein (VLDL), low density lipoproteins (LDL), and total cholesterol. Most intriguing was the finding that maca "significantly improved glucose tolerance." People with poor glucose tolerance usually have diabetes or are in a prediabetic state. But maca "lowered levels of glucose in blood." The researchers concluded that "maca seems to be promising for a positive influence on chronic human diseases (characterized by atherogenous lipoprotein profile, aggravated antioxidative status, and impaired glucose tolerance."

  1. The influence of maca (Lepidium meyenii) on antioxidant status, lipid and glucose metabolism in rat. 2007. Plant Foods Hum Nutr. June. Vecera R, Orolin J, Skottová N, Kazdová L, Oliyarnik O, Ulrichová J, Simánek V. 62(2):59-63. Accessed Dec 14, 2008.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Wanna Get Free Cell Phones?

Personally I am a firm believer in the value of communication, and communication is my goal with this health blog. The only way we can keep informed is to read and listen and keep our eyes and ears open. The idea of communicating today is inextricably linked up with the idea of mobile telephones and cell phones. But there are numerous reasons why microwave communication may pose problems for some, including the high cost of cellular technology. Not everyone has a cell phone. But with the holidays here many are thinking of acquiring a cellular device and making the most of it. In fact, some people, who cannot afford a land phone, have simply resorted to the expedient of using only a cellular phone. They often look for a free cell phone or a cheaper price or plan. You may be able to find a new cell phone deal. Google the search terms best cell phone plan deals to do so. You could also find info about the latest devices. BlackBerry phones are popular. They are not the only types of popular phones, however. In fact att cell phones might even be more popular, although both are selling well. You can get the best cell phone deals by looking across the vast selection available and deciding which one fits your budget. Your style may prefer verizon cell phones or any number of other brands. When holiday shopping be sure to ask for your receipt and read the fine print. Ask questions before you sign up with a company for an extended contract. If you follow this advice, cell phone deals are not hard to find. Good luck, and happy shopping.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pomegranate Powder

Pomegranate powder is now available for those who, like me, enjoy pomegranate and think it is healthy but who don't have the time to peel and slice and eat the fruit that often. The research is all good about this fruit. The antioxidant capability is apparently three times higher than that of red wine or green tea. Researchers also found "anthocyanins, ellagic acid derivatives, and hydrolyzable tannins" in pomegranate.1

One of the most exciting studies that I have seen indicates that pomegranates contain polyphenols. These are plant compounds that have more than one electron donor group. (Vitamin C is an antioxidant but has only one electron to donate for this purpose.) Donated electrons can quench (destroy) harmful free radicals. The polyphenols in pomegranate protect against LDL damage. They basically neutralize the harms of LDL. As a result, pomegranate fights clogged arteries and damaged arteries. And it does this not just in test tubes but in living organisms.2

  1. "Antioxidant activity of pomegranate juice and its relationship with phenolic composition and processing." 2000. Gil MI, Tomás-Barberán FA, Hess-Pierce B, Holcroft DM, Kader AA.. J Agric Food Chem. Oct. 48(10):4581-9. Accessed Dec 14, 2008.
  2. "Pomegranate juice flavonoids inhibit low-density lipoprotein oxidation and cardiovascular diseases: studies in atherosclerotic mice and in humans." 2002. Aviram, M, et al. Drugs-Exp-Clin-Res. 28(2-3): 49-62. Accessed Dec 14, 2008.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Carbohydrates and Weight Loss

I personally believe that you can get all the benefits of weight loss by cutting carbohydrates. As Gary Taubes points out, the government told us, without knowing it, to eat precisely those foods that will make us fat—carbs. But most people are interested in a pill to solve their weight problems. The pill you need is the cutting of carbs. This can be accomplished without a change in the ingested number of calories. You can then make progress because cutting carbs also cuts appetite. There is little or no need for weight loss pills, though some may wish to experiment with them.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Black Tea Is as Good as Green Tea

Black tea has gotten a bad rap. All the recent hoopla over the past decade about the beneficial health effects of green tea and white tea has left little attention placed on black tea. But the recent issue of Life Extension Magazine (January 2009) reveals that black tea possesses excellent cancer fighting properties against cytokines, imflammation, and almost every type of cancer. The article cites 56 scientific journals as references.1 In addition, a recent study indicates that black tea theaflavins were rated as equal to the catechins in green tea in antioxidant capability.2 So now we can go back to enjoying all types of tea!

  1. Life Extension Magazine, January 2009, "Novel Method Combats Chronic Inflammation." Pages 25-31. Bu Juliul G. Goepp, M.D.
  2. "Theaflavins in Black Tea and Catechins in Green Tea Are Equally Effective Antioxidants." 2001. Journal of Nutrition. 131:2248-2251. Lai Kwok Leung, Yalun Su, Ruoyun Chen, Zesheng Zhang, Yu Huang and Zhen-Yu Chen. Available online: (Accessed 12/12/2008.)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Black Tea

We have heard a good deal about the value of green tea and even white tea recently, but there is now new evidence that regular common and ordinary black tea, the kind of tea most people drink, also has some unique health benefits. This I learned from the current issue of Life Extension Magazine. I also did additional research and learned that while green tea is famous for its Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), black tea contains theaflavin and theaflavin digallate, which have been shown in clinical studies to fight cancer.1

  1. Inhibition of collagenases from mouse lung carcinoma cells by green tea catechins and black tea theaflavins. Sazuka M, Imazawa H, Shoji Y, Mita T, Hara Y, Isemura M. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 1997 Sep., 61(9):1504-6. Available online: (Accessed Dec 10, 2008.)

Online Car Parts

If you are looking car parts, auto parts, truck parts, import parts, performance parts and automotive accessories, the CarPartsWarehouse website is the answers of all you need. They have a huge selection about car parts with the best service and very low prices. Shop with confidence and get free shipping today. For additional info, please, try to visit them at You will be glad you did!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Cartography is the science of mapmaking. The concept is also applicable to health because for good health you need a map or guidelines to lead the way. A haphazard approach will not work. Every day certain vitamins must be taken, exercise and sleep must be obtained, and the way to good health will be clear. A roadmap is a guide and sometimes you will get off track, but having the guide can help you get back on track. This blog can be a roadmap for your health.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Health Costs and Comparison Shopping

Few are the times when a health blog can be so certain as when it is talking about insurance quotes. We always advise our clients to look beyond the common and the ordinary and seek out the best. This is why finding a slew of different insurance companies can be helpful. But how do you choose between them? The process is facilitated if you can find out what each costs. While price is not the only consideration (you also want to consider coverage, deductibles and other policy terms) it helps to compare before you buy.

James Bond's Diet

It may be amusing to follow the vagaries of James Bond's diet from a health perspective. He often drank alcohol and coffee. In From Russia with Love he consumes eggs, which are healthful, and large amounts of coffee, the health effects of which are more dubious. The propensity of Bond to live high on the hog, meaning to live in the lap of luxury, was a lifestyle that Fleming consciously selected for his protagonist. Fleming knew that if Bond enjoyed himself then readers would live vicariously in the same royal manner. This vicarious pleasure is part of the fun of entering the Bond universe. Of course, this indulgence in the senses also included Bond's smorgasbord of pretty ladies, featuring such memorable characters as Honeychile Rider in Doctor No, Tatiana Romanova in From Russian with Love, Pussy Galore in Goldfinger, Tracy (whom Bond marries) in On Her Majestey's Secret Service, and Kissy Suzuki in You Only Live Twice. (Photo: Ursula Andress as Honey in the film version of Doctor No.)

New Genetic Partnership to Study Stem Cells

Our function as one of the premiere health blogs in the world is to notify you of new developments in the field of health, supplements, medicine and nutrition. We have one singular goal, and that is to prolong your life and make your life more comfortable. We have recently learned that Cryo-Cell has a research partnership with the National Institutes of Health. They will be studying treatments for breast cancer that use stem cells collected from women of childbearing age. Treating Diseases with stem cells is the latest advance in the field of genetics. We have seen great strides in recent years but now we have seen the most amazing advance yet known to medicine. The use of stem cells from cord blood is thought to provide the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center with a rich opportunity to discover cures for disease. This historic research partnership will launch an exploratory study to see if stem cells collected from young women can help fight breast cancer. Furthermore, this study is slated to include certain tests done by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This is a state of the art technique that is known as non-invasive imaging. Cryo-Cell’s partnership with the prestigious NIH is a giant leap forward for medicine and has a good chance of finding meaningful methods of dealing with disease, especially breast cancer. We wish them luck with their forthcoming study.

Slime Mold

Slime mold is something that begins, like a bacterial infection, as an invisible and small cell. Then it multiplies at a fast rate of speed. And before long (within a matter of hours) it can become visible. In fact, if left unchecked it can become deadly. A slime mold begins as a small amoeba and it feeds on bacteria and dead plant life, growing and spreading. A terrific movie could be made about a growing slime mold and how it engulfs a city, one victim at a time. Whatever you do, don't let slime mold get the upper hand in your home. When you see it appearing (typically in a bathroom on a shower curtain or on the walls of the shower), fight it with every chemical and spray you can get your hands on. Don't become the next unfortunate victim of a slime mold. This may sound farfetched, but it's not: In 1857 Cheyenne, Wyoming was engulfed by an uncontrollable slime mold that measured up to fifteen feet high and stretched, at its widest, a quarter of a mile in width. Seventeen townspeople were killed, along with more than twenty herds of horses and cows. Attempts to shoot the mold with pistols and rifles had no effect; in fact, the sulfur in the burn trails of the bullets seemed to lend the mold greater strength. Today the town has rebuit itself, but it has a museum dedicated to its traumatic past.

Yes we can change America

This health blog also seeks out ways to improve the political climate in our country to foster a beneficial climate of political change and responsible public policy. Rebuilding of America is one step in that process. The letter written by CEO Jim Jameson is another step in the direction of change. The validity and integrity of this program shines through all they say and do. I want to underscore that there is no similar investment program available at such an affordable level. The program works by allowing you, the average American citizen, to invest as little as $20. This money is used to fund worthwhile civic projects. This program's intention is patriotic and honorable. Its message is one of hope. And it's more feasible than many other pipe dreams concocted by politicians to get America back on its feet financially and politically. This plan is certainly worthwhile because it might help America one person at a time. Little $20 socially responsible investments can pool together and assist America when she needs it most. Yes, it's clear that the Rebuilding of America Corporation (ROA) is a unique investment opportunity, one that is actually affordable for everyone. The entry fee is only $20 plus a small processing fee of only $5.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Exponential Growth of Bacteria

Bacteria are invisible as individual entities. But they quickly divide and multiply, forming colonies that can be seen with the naked eye. A typical bacterium multiplies in a pattern of exponential growth, known to mathematicians as geometric growth. The rate of increase steadily increases, meaning that before long there's more bacteria than you'd like! The concept is useful for understanding certain physical and biological processes, including bacterial multiplication and the spread of slime mold. When you can see bacteria without a microscope, it means there are billions of entities present.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Perfect Gift for Christmas

A health blog must cover every aspect of health, and one of them is the benefit of having a positive self-image. Women wearing a nice pearl necklace often have an enhanced self-image. Simply visit to see what a beautiful pearl item can do for your neck, your wrist, even your ankle. Many women admire Jackie Kennedy, who often wore a triple pearl necklace; in fact, it became a symbol of her good taste in accessories. Pearls are the most natural and also the most varied form of jewelry because they are produced by oysters and are always slightly different. A true jeweler can advise you on the various differences between white and black pearls, between large and small pearls, and between pearls from different parts of the Pacific and Atlantic. The pearl and its jewelry make a perfect gift. No woman can resist a pearl. Remember that the beauty of pearl jewelry will multiply over time and its value will increase. This is because under different lighting conditions pearls look slightly different. No one can say just how much a pearl will be worth five, ten or fifteen years from now, but all experts agree that the lasting value of a pearl item is always apt to increase at a rate greater than that of inflation. This means that an investment in pearl jewelry will make you money in the long run and will be an investment that will have greater stability than stocks or bonds. That, too, is worth considering in these uncertain economic times. And besides, pearls are the perfect Christmas gift to give to your loved ones. So, start shopping today at site.

NMDA Receptors

The latest word in psychology, biochemistry, and psychiatric neurology is NMDA receptor, a brain receptor for glutamate which functions as a gateway for consciousness. The NMDA receptor is a key site for learning, memory, and pain perception (Note 1). Pregnenolone sulfate (PS) affects the NMDA receptor. Increased PS levels in the hippocampus result in improved mental function in older animals. In addition, PS causes mice brains to produce more neurons. "PS has also been shown to increase LTP in the hippocampus, possibly providing a mechanism for its role as a cognitive enhancer" (Note 2)(citations omitted). LTP means long-term potentiation, or the long-lasting improvement in communication between two neurons (Note 3). The NMDA receptor has been said to confer on the brain the potential to "endow neurons with novel computational abilities" (Note 4). In short, agents that boost NMDA activity (such as PS) have an effect on cognition and consciousness, increasing thought processes, creativity and certain other brain functions.

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  3. Wikipedia definition of LTP:
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