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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Arachidonic Acid

Arachidonic acid is produced by eating red meat, dairy products and other foods. The Western diet has too much arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid (AA) produces 5-LOX and COX1 and COX2. 5-LOX produces 5-HETE and other dangerous metabolites which cause prostate cancer. COX1 and 2 cause heart attack, stroke, and inflammation. AA can be reduced with fish oil, curcumin, green tea and polyphenols such as resveratrol. But probably the best way to reduce it is with a boswellia extract, acetyl-11-keto-beta boswellic acid (AKBA), also known as 5-LOXIN. Dr. Faloon writes: "Based on the cumulative knowledge that 5-LOX can promote the invasion and metastasis of prostate cancer cells, it would appear advantageous to take aggressive steps to suppress this lethal enzyme." (Note 1.) (Photo: boswellia plant.)

  1. "Eating Your Way to Prostate Cancer." By William Faloon. LE Magazine February 2007. (Accessed 12/28/2008.)

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