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Friday, December 12, 2008

Black Tea Is as Good as Green Tea

Black tea has gotten a bad rap. All the recent hoopla over the past decade about the beneficial health effects of green tea and white tea has left little attention placed on black tea. But the recent issue of Life Extension Magazine (January 2009) reveals that black tea possesses excellent cancer fighting properties against cytokines, imflammation, and almost every type of cancer. The article cites 56 scientific journals as references.1 In addition, a recent study indicates that black tea theaflavins were rated as equal to the catechins in green tea in antioxidant capability.2 So now we can go back to enjoying all types of tea!

  1. Life Extension Magazine, January 2009, "Novel Method Combats Chronic Inflammation." Pages 25-31. Bu Juliul G. Goepp, M.D.
  2. "Theaflavins in Black Tea and Catechins in Green Tea Are Equally Effective Antioxidants." 2001. Journal of Nutrition. 131:2248-2251. Lai Kwok Leung, Yalun Su, Ruoyun Chen, Zesheng Zhang, Yu Huang and Zhen-Yu Chen. Available online: (Accessed 12/12/2008.)

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