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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Digitial Photo Frames

You've seen science fiction movies in which the house is run by robotic features built into the walls, the oven, even the refrigerator. Well, the future is here. The all-new Digital Photo Frame lets you feel like you're living in the far future where your appliances and common household objects are intelligent, sense your mood and your needs, and respond appropriately to fulfill your every wish. That, to me, is the chief delight with the CEIVA digital photo frame. Sure, it looks like an ordinary photo frame and it weighs as much as an ordinary photo frame, but it certainly acts and functions like a sophisticated and futuristic robotic device. First of all, it can receive photos from your friends and relatives. And it does this, most amazingly, without any input needed from you. Second, when you wake up in the morning, you will see these new photos displayed on the screen in a nice slide show. It's like receiving a gift in the mail. But better than that . . . this gift comes in through wireless technology and floats into the digital photo frame unseen. The photos then generate their own slide show and you are entertained and amazed by the entire procedure. The future is truly here with this product, which features a HD screen and wireless technology. No computer connection required! So, get yours today.

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