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Monday, December 22, 2008

Laptop Bags

The last thing this health blog wants to see is people injuring themselves. The next worst thing is injuring your laptop. That's why laptop bags are so important. When you travel, you want your computer to be safe. Spire USA makes top of the line laptop bags. If I were a laptop bag, I would get thrown in the trunk of a car, then taken and slammed down on a library table. Later I would get jostled in the saddle of a riding horse. (Yes, my owner rides a horse in a riding school in New Jersey!) Then I would receive a few splats of Chinese food from the restaurant I visit every Wednesday, where we work at the table. . . . My gosh, I put that laptop bags through a lot! And that's why I'm looking to get a Spire bag this holiday season. They can handle anything. So get yours today!

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