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Friday, January 30, 2009

Dating Site for Horse Lovers

Let me tell you something about this girl I knew when I was in grammar school. She loved horses. She was very short and she lived in a house set back from the street and we never saw her after school. We also never saw her on weekends. I always thought that she was in her house, far away from the street, studying or something. Turns out she was away at riding school! Yes, she and her family were big horse aficionados. An aficionado is a fan or an enthusiast. Before she was in high school this girl could ride a horse at forty miles an hour and jump over fences. She had all the riding apparel, too. She wore jodhpurs and riding boots and very smart leather gloves. I met her years later, after she had graduated from college. She told me about this very intriguing Web site for people like her. "It's where I met my boyfriend," she said. "The site lets you find other people who are horse lovers, people just like me who like to ride and who like other people who share their interests." The FREE sign-up allows you to try it at no risk. The site is also known as equestrian cupid. And it's true that the horse lovers dating site has free sign-ups. I myself am not as crazy about horses as she is, but I sure would like to find out more about this site, and who knows maybe I'll take up the hobby. She sure has a nice wardrobe. And her boyfriend is very nice too. He reminds me of Mr. Rochester from Jayne Eyre. Try to check this out today! It's FREE sign-up.

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