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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Energized Seller

I do not have a dog. In fact, I do not like dogs. I once had a dog but I did not trust him and he did not trust me. It was mutual enmity from start to finish. In fact, my dog tried to kill me once after I returned from a vacation, but I won't go into that now; instead I want to tell you about a way for your pet pictures to be used. There are 101 Home Selling and Staging Tips to be found. And really it's true that Energized Seller is involved. But more importantly, there is a contest for your scariest or funniest pet photos at Please visit the contest and enter it. Then you can send in your own photos of your pet, or of a pet you know. The pet I know is pictured above. Some people think it is a fish. There are fish that can look like birds (aquatic chameleon fish that change shape to mimic other animals), but this is a real bird. Tweet-tweet! I'd like to also introduce you today to 101 Home Selling and Staging Tips, which you can find at this URL: More than this, I'd like to talk a little further about my experiences with animals, but time forbids this digression. Instead, I will close with a little story about a time my birds ate crackers. The bird was from Argentina, and a beautiful bird it was. Anyway, please don't forget to join the contest of pet pictures today, then you will have a chance to Win $500. Hurry, check this out right away!

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