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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Interior Monolog in 'Gone with the Wind'

Mitchell was a master of interior monologue. The way she wrote the book intrigued readers because although she occasionally followed the thoughts of more than one character, the bulk of the novel is written in limited third-person viewpoint from Scarlett’s perspective. This means that the greater part of the story is seen from her eyes and vantage point. We know more about her than about any other character, and essentially the book boils down to a plea for her point of view, her emotional, innocent, conniving persona at the focus of a chaotic and terrible time in human history.

Of course, the method of shifting viewpoint often works best in a larger story, but Mitchell does it very rarely. Most readers care for Scarlett above all the other characters, and it is natural, therefore, for the author to reveal Scarlett’s thoughts more than those of any other character.

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