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Monday, January 12, 2009

New Partnership for Olympics

The Olympic games started in ancient Greece, in the days before athletes had track shoes or weight rooms or computerized training aids and televised replays of their work. In those days they had to be tough and dedicated to their way of life. Today, their hardworking spirit lives on in the form of SOGO Active. This is a new partnership between Coca-Cola and a Canadian nonprofit organization. Their purpose is to work together so that the funding from the large corporation can be used to promote its agenda while the little corporation promotes its agenda too. For this reason they plan to allow a contestant to win the right to be one of the torchbearers for the 2010 Olympics. This means the winner will be running with the torch through Canada, handing it off to someone else, and eventually that flame will be lit at the Olympic games. There are a number of spots available to Canadian youths. Those interested should contact their local agent and find out more details. They can hope for a chance to participate and then try to win a spot. If they qualify and are lucky enough to be chosen they may be part of the historic games. Although commercial sponsorship is something new, the games themselves are ancient and traditional. If you want more information, just visit the site of SOGO Active today.

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