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Thursday, April 2, 2009


The other day I tried on a silk smoking jacket and felt instantly transported to another time and place. I felt like James Bond on the Orient Express. My blood pressure dropped and I relaxed into an easy chair. Later in the week I went to a Cuban restaurant called Azucar which has a smoking room upstairs. Again I felt relaxed and happy. These and other non-pharmaceutical methods of lowering blood pressure are available to anyone who knows how to enjoy the many pleasures of life.

But I've also discovered another way to lower blood pressure, a supplement called Natto that works wonders for the circulatory system. It apparently has no side effects and lowers blood pressure by dissolving clogged arteries. It's so safe that the Japanese have been using it for centuries. Natto is available wherever good nutritional supplements are sold and is highly recommended by many health experts who endorse an alternative approach to vitality.

Says Dr. Martin Milner of the Center for Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon:
In all my years of research as a professor of cardiovascular and pulmonary medicine, natto and nattokinase represents the most exciting new development in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular related diseases.2
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