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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Modern Day Robin Hood

A man I consider a modern day Robin Hood is James Kimball. A former tour director and millionaire, he learned through his work on cruise ships that many elderly people were benifittng from a drug that was available in Europe but not in the U.S., deprenyl. He formed a company that manufactured pure deprenyl, much purer that the Eldepryl and other brands now available. Many individuals regained their health through his work. The FDA ran him out of business and sent him to jail for 13 years. But Kimball actually escaped from a minimum security jail in December 2005! He went home to care for his ailing wife and lived for three and a half years under an assumed name and a false identity. This is heroism of the greatest magnitude. His web site said he died but that was a ploy to try to throw federal marshals off the trail. Nevertheless, federal marshals captured him in April 2009 and he is back in prison. In my opinion, and in the opinion of many others, this man should be free today. Putting him in jail was a travesty of justice. His 'crime' was blowing the whistle on the FDA.


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