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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gerovital H3 Research

It's very difficult to find information about Gerovital H3 these days. The problem is that despite it's record as an MAO-B inhibitor, there has been little written about it of scientific value recently. Most of the material you see is advertising. This can contain some data of interest, but it is hard to give it the same weight as a scholarly article in a reputable publication.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Wrist Protection Fad

So why is it that every day more people are switching to tennis wristbands while working at their laptops and computers? Wii accessories can help you find the answer. Maybe it's because the wrist is not impervious to the tiny tremors that wreak havoc on the ulnar, radial and median nerves. Maybe it's because it's just the kind of support they need. Or maybe, just maybe, because it's oh so stylish now that tennis wunderkind Anna-Lena Grönefeld uses one every game. Whatever the reason, the time is ripe for the wristband.

Friday, July 24, 2009

POS systems

It is very helpful to have a POS systems in your own stores or restaurants. This will make your business rise up and everything will go smoothly. This system will help you get ready quickly and efficiently ring up customers. How do you like that? Sounds great, right? So, if you don't have this kind of machine yet, better get yours today. It's highly recommended by many pros in the field. I am sure that you will never regret getting it, plus the price is very reasonable.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back Spasm Pain

I am now experiencing the back spasm pain. It's really painful, like somebody stub me in my back. It's very annoying because I couldn't move good. I did some research about the treatments. There are numerous methods of treating back pain. Some methods are tested and true, while others are almost comical. The main criteria for a treatment to be effective is that the patient BELIEVES that it will work. The placebo effect is alive and well in the back pain industry... This explains why so many patients find temporary relief from some methods, but rarely enjoy a permanent cure. Well,I am hoping that my back pain will go away soon.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Shape of Feet

I love my boat shoes. They are comfortable. They are also stylish. And they are good when it rains. That is what Dansko sandals can do for modern American feet. But more than this, I love the way the modern shoe industry is moving toward a more ergonomic design. Two thousand years ago the ancient Greeks had to work out in their gymnasiums wearing only leather sandals. How could you run a marathon in that! Today, on the other hand, we have wonderful designs that actually make athletes better and faster.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nature Has Never Been Better

Nature has never been better. And Nature is getting better all the time. Why, now you don't even have to be Henry David Thoreau to enjoy Walden Pond. No, now you can order pond supplies and have your very own Walden II in your own back yard. How do I know? Well, I have tried it myself. I now have ducks and pigs on lily pads. They are all living harmoniously. I'm sure Thoreau and even Jonathan Swift would be proud of this development. There is no way any of this could have happened in their lifetimes.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gerovital H3

Dr. Ana Aslan invented Gerovital and did extensive research on the substance. Most doctors who invent something are prejudiced in its favor. This was certainly to be expected of Aslan. But her work turned out to have validity. Numerous other scientists demonstrated that Gerovital inhibits MAO-B.1


1. McFarlane, M.D. Procaine (Gerovital-H3) Therapy: Mechanism of Inhibition of MAO. Journal of American Geriatrics Society. 1974, XXII/8, pp.365-371.

Deprenyl Dosage

There was a time when Dr. Joseph Knoll recommended that people use more and more deprenyl as they aged, but this is apparently no longer the case. In his new book, published in 2005, he recommends that 1 mg per day is all that is necessary. This is because the low dose achieves the "enhancer effect" and it does so without any significant MAO-B inhibition. This, according to Knoll, is the primary mechanism whereby deprenyl achieves its anti-aging effect. The low dose is enough to increase the efficiency of the neurons involved.

  1. Knoll, Joseph. The Brain and Its Self. Springer. 2005.

Exponential Memory Growth

Three or four years ago I would not have believed it possible. But memory upgrade is a reality today for pennies on the dollar. In other words the cost of memory has decreased to where it's affordable to everyone. This applies to both computer and human memory. Yes, computer chips are more functional than ever. And so are vitamins for the human brain. So that as human memory and computer memory both improve, the amount of information will continue to increase.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why I Like a Big Desk

Before I start each new semester I always stock up on preschool furniture. I like to have a nice desk. I realize that my computer emits harmful magnetic radiation in the radio frequency range or the ultra range. I'm not sure what the range is but I do know it's harmful. I think it's a shame that you don't get a meter with each computer telling you how much radiation you're exposed to on a daily and even an hourly basis. I would love to know whether I'm killing myself by working at my desk. That's why I like a big desk, to keep me away from all that lethal and harmful radiation. That stuff can be deadly.

Bumper Car Danger

There is a great danger in playing certain games. Many adults and children don't realize that violent shocks to the spine can result from certain sports. One of them is football. Other games that are dangerous include bumper cars. I love bumper cars despite the danger. To me, a dangerous sport is always fun, as long as it doesn't injure me too much. I really can tolerate a good deal of injury, such as a broken arm or a leg or a torn ligament. But I have never been seriously injured while riding bumper cars.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

GH3 - A Very Good Book

Nothing I can say about dieting can convince people whose minds are made up. There is a lot of skepticism around these days. There was even more around when GH3 was introduced. I'm reading a good book right now entitled GH3: Will It Keep You Young Longer? by Herbert Bailey. In it he makes the point that there is never acceptance of new theories and new drugs. There is always skepticism. There is even outright ridicule. But no one ridicules people like the American Medical Association. They routinely scorn new developments and consider the status quo the best thing in the world. The truth is they should cast some of that scorn where it belongs. Perhaps they should look at what are touted to be the best diet pills. I guess some people really need to take this in order to loose their weight. For further info, just click the link above.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Synthetic Mesencephalic Enhancer Regulation

In the brain there are certain neurons that talk to one another. Drugs like amphetamine and methamphetamine add noise to the talk by releasing additional neurotransmitters.5 But a new class of drugs can increase the volume of such neuronal talk: these substances are called synthetic mesencephalic enhancer regulators.4 Exciting new research by J. Knoll and others indicates that it is possible, through "prophylactic administration of a synthetic enhancer substance," to delay the aging of the brain.1 One such substance is deprenyl.2 Another, even stronger enhancer substance, is BPAP. Enhancer substances work in extremely low doses.6 (Photo: Professor Joseph Knoll, M.D., Ph.D.)

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