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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

GH3 - A Very Good Book

Nothing I can say about dieting can convince people whose minds are made up. There is a lot of skepticism around these days. There was even more around when GH3 was introduced. I'm reading a good book right now entitled GH3: Will It Keep You Young Longer? by Herbert Bailey. In it he makes the point that there is never acceptance of new theories and new drugs. There is always skepticism. There is even outright ridicule. But no one ridicules people like the American Medical Association. They routinely scorn new developments and consider the status quo the best thing in the world. The truth is they should cast some of that scorn where it belongs. Perhaps they should look at what are touted to be the best diet pills. I guess some people really need to take this in order to loose their weight. For further info, just click the link above.

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