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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Green Tea and Weight Loss

Many claim that green tea can help lose weight. But the research is confused on this issue. The fat burner in green tea is probably caffeine. Thus if you get caffeine in your tea supplement it may help you lose weight, but probably won't. I used to believe that Gary Taubes was right and that exercise does not help you lose weight. But I have since reconsidered that opinion. I believe that we are much like a machine and that if we eat less and burn more calories we will lose.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tea Extract without Caffeine

EGCG is the major active ingredient in green tea. It is present in tea supplements too. But most contain caffeine. There are a few that do not. One is Teavigo. Another is Greenselect. Both have zero caffeine. This is a good choice for those who do not like caffeine in their supplements. The caffeine in supplements can have an effect on deep sleep for those who are basically caffeine free.

Friday, May 28, 2010

To Read or Not to Read

The question posed is to read or not to read as it is relevant for those interested in health and the function of the brain. The apidexin reviews and other sources. They can be overlooked. They should be on occasion. The information that can be found in books and online and in magazines can now be found in a vast storehouse of data that the health business is fast becoming aware of.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two Kinds of Health

One kind is physical or biological health. This pertains not to car insurance companies or other irrelevancies. The other is mental health. This is not discussed here except as it applies as a direct result of some biological process. Thus, for example, the use of CoQ10 might lead to mental clarity, especially in those on statins. The overall health of the person thus depends on these two processes.

Heating Fish Oil

You hear how good fish oil is from everyone these days. But you're not supposed to heat it. In fact we keep ours in the refrigerator. When you buy bottled fish oil it is usually refrigerated and it needs to be kept cold, especially after it's opened. So my question is: Why is fish oil in fish okay to heat up and cook? If fish oil is supposed to be kept cold, doesn't cooking fish destroy the omega 3 oil?

How to Relax

There are three or four things you can do to relax. One is to use modern sofas, which can help you relax whether you're tired or not. The other is to take a hot bath. The third is to go into the sun on a hot day and bask in its rays. The fourth is to swim. The sixth is to play poker. The seventh is to eat cereal. The eighth is to read for fun.

Why Friends Use Vitamin B-12

I would not use a product that I did not know and my friend would not either and they are all retired gym guys who like to work out and bask in the sun and pop vitamins all the time. They told me they don't use things like 7-dfbx because they don't know what it might do to them but they do like to use vitamin B-12.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bread and Butter

Many people eat bread and butter. Others think it is bad for them. There are people who worry about the bread. They think it is bad because it is carbs. Then there are people who worry about the butter. They say it is fat. Then there are people who worry about the combination. I myself don't think much about it. I like bread and butter.

The Sun and Vitamin D

Do not go in the sun some people tell you. They say wrinkle creams will be needed. I do not listen. I go in the sun and I stay in the sun and I like what happens when I do. I have a fun time in the sun and I do not worry about it. It gives me vitamin D and that is good.

My Dog Talks

My dog likes to go to the street and look for cats. My dog also told me (in his own way) that he is not interested in any new or old colon cleanse reviews because he has had enough of this kind of treatment. He is not a very happy dog but he does like to express himself. I take it with a bit of skepticism. He talks but I never believe what he says. He's that kind of dog.

Caffeine Interferes with Deep Sleep

Many people drink coffee or tea and think they are doing themselves a favor. There are many, though, who cannot tolerate the caffeine, even in decaffeinated tea. While green tea has numerous health advantages, and the EGCG in it is a protection against certain forms of cancer (including breast and prostate cancer), there is still caffeine in it. It can interfere with deep sleep.

Water and Acid

The issue of water comes up in conversation these days. We drink a lot of water in America from bottles. In fact I don't know anybody these days who drinks water from the faucet. What has happened in America? We have become consumers of bottled water. Is this a good thing or is there a problem with the plastic seeping into the water? I personally prefer glass bottles.

A Cat That Cannot Hear

I do not use many products that start with the letter Z. I have a friend who has a cat that uses a few. But he told me he is thinking of reading some lipozene review sites to find out what his cat is all about. This animal is hard of hearing but my friend believes he can help it recover its hearing with pills. I don't know.

Summer Plans

Four or five of my friends have had a good time at the beach this summer and seven or eight have had a good time at the pool too and have even told me that they did. But the outdoor pillows that one of my friends uses have made him tell me that he plans to buy more because they are the best thing he found for summer.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tocotrienols from Dietary Sources

Tocotrienols are part of what make up vitamin E. Most people don't get enough tocotrienols in their diet. Even supplements don't usually contain the tocotrienols. As Lester Packer points out, tocotrienols are an essential part of human nutrition and they can work to unclog arteries.1 A recent post by a nutritionist points out that aside from rice bran and annatto seeds, it is impossible to get enough from the diet and supplementation is necessary.2

  1. The Antioxidant Miracle. Lester Packer.
  2. "Getting Tocotrienols from Natural Food Sources: Is It Possible?"

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Most Americans Vitamin D Deficient

Most Americans are vitamin D deficient.

There appears to be some limited data suggesting that full-spectrum light bulbs might improve vitamin D levels. However the effect, as discussed in the study from a Canadian government council, appears to be small. Perhaps technology has improved since this study (which spans the years 1945-1993), so maybe exposure to such indoor light might have some role in boosting vitamin D. But the only way to know for sure is to get your blood tested.

Full-Spectrum Fluorescent Lighting Effects on People: A Critical Review
Jennifer A. Veitch, Ph.D. and Shelley L. McColl
National Research Council of Canada / Institute for Research in Construction

Full-spectrum fluorescent lighting has been credited with causing dramatic improvements in a wide variety of behaviours, mental health outcomes, and physical health effects. These effects include reduction in dental caries, improved classroom behaviour in schoolchildren, enhanced academic achievement, more efficient visual performance, more attractive appearance of both people and spaces, and improved mood in cases of seasonal depression. Popular media reports have tended to emphasize studies that have demonstrated differences in outcomes as a function of light source spectral power distribution. However, the scientific literature also includes reports with null and contradictory effects. This comprehensive review covers the period 1945-1993 and includes a critical appraisal of the methodology in each study. The studies are grouped according to their dependent variables under the broad headings "Behaviour and Performance", "Mental Well-Being and Affect", and "Physiology and Health". In general, the quality of the research is poor, making it difficult to determine whether or not treatment effects may legitimately be attributed to light source spectral power distribution. A few rigorous investigations of full-spectrum fluorescent lighting have demonstrated small effects; however, few researchers have taken up the challenge to replicate their work. These small effects do not support the claims that full-spectrum fluorescent lighting will produce better performance, mood, or health in the general population. More fruitful avenues for future research include investigations of other lighting parameters including intensity, variability, and flicker and an emphasis on the possibility that individual differences exist in sensitivity to the spectral composition of light sources. The role of mental processes -- for example, beliefs, memories, and expectations -- in mediating the effects of lighting on behaviour stands out as most promising for future research.


4.2.4 Summary. There is little research evidence to support the contention that full-spectrum fluorescent lighting affects physical health. The literature reviewed here is, generally speaking, poor in quality. The only process in which important effects may exist is in the metabolism of Vitamin D and, indirectly, on calcium absorption and dental caries. However, even in this instance the best outcomes may relate as much to the intensity of light (e.g., Neer et al., 1971) or to some other unknown aspect of illumination (e.g., Feller et al., 1974). Some evidence suggests that a lack of natural daylight can cause changes in seasonal patterns of cortisol secretion (Kuller & Lindsten, 1992), although the meaning of this finding is unknown. In the absence of data that show overall lamp type effects on health, growth, or development, claims that any such effects exist are premature.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pool Heaven Olympics

The swimming season is here. The sport is not only fun but easy. The pool floats are here too. The winter is gone. June is on the way. The bathing season is upon us. And none too soon. I can't say it enough. Swimming is my favorite sport. It is why I follow the Olympics. I like skating too and running. But the pool is heaven.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sun in the United States

Never ask about them when you are in the state of Texas. The best acne treatments cannot be covered in two or three paragraphs. Of course, when in Texas you're going to be exposed to more sun than in Maine or New Hampshire. California and Arizona and New Mexico and Florida and Alabama and Mississippi also have their fair share of sun.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coromega and Autism

Coromega is a fish oil supplement, especially good for kids with autism. It contains plenty of EPA, the kind of fish oil that has been associated with decreased autism in studies. This is a promising lead for any parent with an autistic child. The fish oil in Coromega is backed up with studies linking the use of fish oil in reducing autism symptoms. The science behind this approach is relatively new but promising nonetheless. The Coromega Omega3 Squeeze Supplements contain a daily-dose of 2,000mg fish oil with 350 mg EPA and 230 DHA.


What They Mean When Health is the Topic

The subject may come up in conversation but it is not important. More important than the subject of quick weight loss is the subject of healthy diets. This cannot be covered in a day or a week of sessions and lectures. But it can be discussed with some use. The more you talk about it the more you learn not only about the subject but also about the people talking about such diets.

French Health Today

Then the subject turned to the French. The French are not into urban clothing or any kind of scene where they can be painted as immature. The French are into style The French are also concerned with the way their language is taken by others. They can be very self-conscious. They can also be concerned with the bread they buy. This is their approach.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

MAO inhibitors and SSRIs

This is a good video on how MAO inhibitors and SSRI's work.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Color For Health

There is a study that I am going to post soon which states that color is related to mood so intimately that the color of the wallpaper in your room can influence how you feel and the relation between color and environment is so strong that even changing the color of a prison cell can impact the lives of prisoners who might otherwise be angry or aggressive and if they have a pink cell they will be calmer and more likable and friendlier to everyone, which is enough to make you consider having pink walls in your home.