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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The music you might hear from the band

Take a stroll down to the corner and have a nice time getting your new U2 tickets with your friends. You will hear music and you will feel a fine feeling after the show. The show is brought to you by the men in the band and they will be on tour. The tour will bring the show to many cities and the band will release an album based on the tour, if they can get their manager to arrange it.

Sleep and the Way to Health

Sleep is a necessary evil. It is a waste of time to the mind and the body. Still, it is a way for the body to repair and the mind to rejuvenate itself. The mind and the body can rest and the body can rise in a new phoenix-like state of redemption. The saints will sing hymns when the sleep is over and the eyes pop open and the new day dawns. That is the cycle we all long for every night.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Look for the Things

Five men were in the hall and a woman in white and all of the time they were walking quickly down the hall they were looking for medical carts that they had seen earlier in the hall but that now were nowhere to be found. Where could those mechanisms be? they wondered. Later they found that the items in question had been taken and brought up to the operating room.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Healthy Pool Fun

The cool and the hot are what you can feel when you get in the pool and the jacuzzi. That is the way the skin will move from one to the other and the body will feel it too. You might read Chaucer while you sit in the pool or you might read Tennessee Williams. No matter, it will all come to the same thing. In the end you will feel a lethargy that cannot be overcome and you will sleep the sleep of the drugged.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Time for Health

The time for health is now since the time for health is a time for thought and a time for good notions to be shared. The way to approach the time for health is to think it will be a time that all can share. The way to do this is to talk to the ones who have ideas that they can share. The way that what's her name helped Hem when he was in the dark and did not know which way to go. Bless her heart!

How they could have helped his health

No reader of Ulysses by Joyce can ever forget the way that Stephen begins to find his way through Dublin and eat his way through life, gaining hundreds of pounds by the end of the story and wishing he were dead because of the way that his landlady forbids him to buy any more cupcakes from her storehouse of goodies. But now the diet pills that work are something he could have considered on a serious basis and note because of how they might have helped.

The way of the traveler

How many times have we traveled to the north for a sight of the electrical storms there! The winds rage and the sun never shines for ten hours. The use of tanning lotions is unheard of and the sails on the skiffs skim over the choppy waves of the North Sea at all hours of day and night. This is the life for a true sailor! This is the life for me!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crime and Punishment

Dostoevsky wrote about the world he knew and so did Tolstoy. The funny thing is that both men were religious fanatics, each in his own way. Dostoevsky by virtue of escaping from a firing squad, and the great T by virtue of being an aristocrat. But neither had a sustained interest in health, which is why Crime and Punishment is a punishment to read, in part, when it starts to moralize.

The truth about health

No man can walk a straight line and go to the end of the world if he is so hot in the head that he can not look a man in the eye and tell the truth. The body acne treatment is a way to get to the end of the line and feel good about it too but not a man that I know has the time to look you in the eye and say that the truth will set you free.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Picasso and the sun

The artist Picasso had a fun time in Spain but he also got a lot of sun and while the sun may be good for vitamin-D production it can also dry even the most prolific artist up and turn him into a prune in no time, which is why the great man traveled to Italy and Russia part of the year, to get away from it all. But the treatment for wrinkles was not available in those days and he had to use olive oil compresses and mustard, which didn't exactly please his lover, Elaine.

Rooibos Tea and Health

The very good thing about rooibos (pronounced ROY-boss) tea is that it has no caffeine. For those who like a cup now and then, but who cannot tolerate caffeine's effect on their sleep schedule, rooibos is the right choice. It is totally caffeine free. This means it never had caffeine to begin with. It doesn't have to be decaffeinated since it is free of caffeine by nature.

Sun and Snow for Health

Old or new the issue is whether health can be improved with the exposure to sun on a daily basis or whether the cold air of the north is better for the skin. The acne skin care can be compared to a day in the north and a day in the sun. The combination of cold air and hot sun can be bracing and beneficial.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cortisol and Stress

Health is dependent on fine motor skills and these days a good dose of nutrients. The stair rods can make life easier and reduce stress. The reaction of most people to cortisol is variable. In the morning and afternoon it peaks. Then it tends to rise through the night. This can be avoided. The way to do that is to use more water.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Epsom Salt

Epson salt has many uses. It is one of the easiest ways to get magnesium, which is deficient in most diets today. In fact the World Health Organization has published a major report on Magnesium, which is available as a pdf free from their Web site.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Health Depends on Knowledge

Health depends on knowledge and that is nowhere as true as in the field of vitamin research. But for those who are low on social security disability insurance the trend is turning in your favor. This means that you too can have the health you so ardently desire. All you need to do is gain the knowledge provided. The company that helps you is certainly one of the most active in the field.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sony Reader PRS-350 pocket edition

Here is a nice video on the new Sony ereader using Pearl eink, the same ink used in the Kindle 3. The advantage the Sony has (over the Kindle) is that it's smaller and more portable. The pocket edition can also highlight and take notes, freehand or with a virtual keyboard! It has a 5" screen. The larger version with the 6" screen is also available.