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Friday, October 29, 2010

Health and education in 2010

Health is a matter of time and education for most people today, especially for those in the military, who need to be in tiptop shape all time time, even when not fighting a war or in basic training. They have to eat right and sleep right and take care of their health all the time. The new spy cameras can contribute to good health in allowing a nation to achieve success. The video camera can allow a health official or a department of state official to further national health policy or political policy. The state that has a good health policy in place today will achieve greater results than one that does not have this in place. At this time the United States has a policy that is successful in part because of its navy. The navy is able to patrol two seas while other countries must be content with one. This means that our health may be maximized simply because of our navy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Normal health in August 2010

In August normal health was at an all time high. The state with the health that the nation tried to see was Maine. It had berries. I also saw that a lot of famous tourists went to Maine. I was surprised because Maine is a backwoods state. It is like the South. The people in the state are not slothful but they are not blessed with summer sun. They did not participate heavily in the Civil War either. They did, however, participate in Vietnam.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The health of a nation in 2010

No nation can be a successful one unless it has art and music. The travel emergency an artist may encounter is a thing of the past if he is on good terms with his travel agent and if the agent is on good terms with the shipping and air lines that he uses to book flights and trips to places the artist or tourist wishes to visit. This is how a good vacation starts and how it ends. This is travel in style too.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pills that can make you big

Some pills make you big and some pills make you small and some pills do nothing at all. The real and true multivitamin supplement is a pill that can do one of two things but it cannot make you big or small and it can't make you tall either. The pill that can do that has yet to be invented and the pill that can do that will not be invented for a long time I think.

What pigs eat

What pigs eat and what man eats is two different things but what if a man was more like a pig and could eat what pigs eat and could do what pigs do and then things might be better because the pigs and the men could all eat what they want and we would not have to eats pigs and they would be alive and eating our food too except they would not eat bacon.

Why good health is yours for the asking

Good health is yours for the asking because you can have good health from the time you are born to the time you are an old person if you do the right things. The baby clothes can even be part of the picture if you keep them clean and fresh for the child. Then he will grow up healthy and eat right and dress right and do all the right things that will make him President some day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why to think right

To think right is a good thing and if a man can think like a man should think then his thoughts will be right and he will be right and he will do the right thing and no one will be able to tell him that he is wrong. The one way link can help if you think straight and do the straight thing and help a man to do the right thing when he feels he is not on the right path.

Some day I think

Some day I think a man can get a second stomach. If he gets a second stomach he will be like a cow. Then he can eat grass. If a doctor can figure out a way to transplant a second stomach into a man then the man can cut down on his heating and eating bills because he can simply go out into a park and ruminate like a cow.

Pigs eat pig food

Pigs eat pig food and man eats man food but do pigs ever eat man food or does man ever eat pig food, this was the question we set out to ask and answer when we got the call to stop the research and think it through. The muscle builders who eat pig food and the pigs who eat man food are both on the same track and they will both eat the food that will make them big and strong.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How a cow grows

Some lucky cows eat good and drink good too. I have heard that some cows drink breast milk and swear by it. This was a surprise to me because I knew that people drank cow milk but I never knew that cows could do the reverse. This was such a surprise to me that I visited a farm in New Hampshire where they claim this takes place. The farm was in Crossdale, and the funny thing is we actually saw this when we went up there this summer!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Green grass is not food

Green grass is food for a cow but not for man. Did you ever ask yourself why? The answer is that green grass can't be digested by man. The cow can. This is because the cow has two stomachs. It has a first stomach like man. And a second like a cow. The cow stomach, which is the second stomach, can digest the green grass.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

How to find out if Atkins was right or wrong

The fact is that Atkins might have been wrong too and the best way to lose weight is not on his diet but on a normal diet but just eat less. The truth is that there is no best weight loss pills because if there was then you would read about it but it is a matter of cutting back the food you eat. If you can do that you can lose and you can gain at will and when you want.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Do the right thing

Do not be fooled by people who wish you to drink or eat a food that is bad for you. Do not click here and do not take a thing that is bad for you. Eat good and sleep right and do the right thing and watch the good films and read the good books. This is the Zen way to a good life, not the way to disaster. The way to health and fitness.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tea is good for you

But not too hot. If you drink hot tea it can scald the esophagus and you can get cancer. This is how they found out that tea can cure cancer too. Maybe not cure, but prevent. A lot of people in China drank hot food. Those that drank tea had less problems with cancer. This is how they found how it can help. The EgCG is the important factor.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Health secrets of rice

The word is out that wheat might not be the best choice for most people even those who have no specific allergy to wheat. Rice, and I mean white rice, might even be better. The insurance quotes you can get are all over the radio and you can listen to them while you eat your rice and your new diet. That is something that might even make your premiums drop. And who can argue with that?