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Monday, May 16, 2011

The CBS Show Rules Of Engagement Is My Favorite

This guest post from Rafael Hodge
I'm so glad that CBS has brought Rules Of Engagement back on TV. This show is about two couples and one friend that is a bachelor. One of the couples has been married for a number of years and involves Jeff and Audrey who is trying to have a baby. They are unable to conceive and have found a surrogate to carry their baby.
Adam and Jennifer are engaged and have been together for several years. Adam is a little clueless, but very handsome. This is a fact that Jennifer has to remind herself about on occasion. They live in the same apartment complex as Jeff and Audrey. Russell is their single friend and is the sleazy one of the group. The show has added an assistant for Russell and his name is Timmy. I have enjoyed the addition to the show.
My favorite episode was when we found out that Adam was a cheerleader in high school. Jennifer thought he had played football when he mentioned his letterman jacket. He even put his old uniform on and performed several cheers. I laughed really hard at that.
I record Rules of Engagement on my DVR and watch it with satellite TV from I'm looking into getting the new high definition DVR that will allow me to record 300 hours. I've been running into space issues with my 100 hours.

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