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Friday, September 16, 2011

Health in the time of Jazz

Health in the time of jazz is a way for all the boys and girls to get the tunes they need in the time of jazz since jazz is a form of tunes that they might want to have with them when to war they go or to peace and they can have it when they get home or when they go to the place they use it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Health in the days of May

Health in the days of May and in the month of June can be a good thing for all to see since it is a way to start the year to a good start. The quote term will help those who wish to see it this way since they can get the quote and feel that they have the stuff they need to make the thing their own.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Health through four ways

Health through four ways is a good thing to start with. First is the heart. Then is the hands. Then is the feet. And then is the medical uniforms, which can be worn in the home so the heart, hands, feet, and brain can be in good health. That is why we like to shop for the things that can bring this to us in the fall and spring.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Health in the Brain

The brain has health but health in the brain can be a thing of the past if it is not fought for each day of our lives, which is why we like to think that tea can help the brain have health and tea can help the one who drinks the tea and the one who sells the tea and the one who takes the tea from the store and brings it home to drink all day long.

Health of big boys

Health is not a thing of the past, it is a thing of now and a thing of our time. This is why we think that the celebrity wedding trends can help us find new things to talk of when we get to the point where we wish to see what kind of health they have and how they live their lives. It is of course what we wish to know.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Missing My Sisters

Author: Dorsey Velasquez
When I first moved here I really relied on my sisters to get me through. Even though they were a thousand miles away we all talked on the phone for hours each day and they helped me deal with a lot of the logistical parts of the move I hadn’t done before like looking into directv in midland mi and calling a security company. I really miss them more than I can say but it’s nice too having some independence and starting a new life here in Michigan with my husband. I knew I needed to break away at some point but it’s been harder than I thought it would and there are days I wonder if I’ll have to pack everything up and just head on home to my family! I would never do that but I guess I just didn’t have any idea how close we all were until this big change in life happened. Maybe my move out here will only serve to bring us closer in the long run.