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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Setting off for Halloween with my special pirate dog

Guest post written by Brad Stanson
One of my favorite things about Halloween is that I'm able to also dress up my dog. Some dogs just wont' settle for being put in a costume, but I'm lucky enough to have trained my dog well enough so that he's fine in a costume. Ever since I got him, I've been dressing him up in matching Halloween costumes to go along with whichever costume I choose for that year.
This year I thought that I would look online with my internet service to find some ideas about which Halloween costume I should pick out for my dog and then also pick out my own costume to match that. You could say that I care a little more about my dog's costume than mine and you would probably be right.
I found the perfect little pirate dog costume for him so I decided to buy that and find a pirate costume for myself that was as close as possible to the dog one. We were such a hit. I'm really thinking about sending it out as my Christmas card.

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